How can you tell if NFT is blue chip?

Blue Chip NFTs are considered valuable, unique, and highly sought-after non-fungible tokens that are considered to be a safe investment because of their consistency and unwavering quality. They often have solid relationships with brands, associations, and artisans and are backed by massive funds for success and recognition. Examples of Blue Chip NFTs include collections like CryptoPunks, Bored Ape Yacht Club, Clone X – X Takashi Murakami, Doodles, Azuki, DeGods etc.

Check list to identify a Bluechip NFT

A NFT can be viewed as a Blue Chip in the event that it meets specific criteria such as:

  1. Shortage : The NFT need to be intriguing and original, with limited editions or standout items.
  2. Established Creator or Brand: The NFT must be produced by a well-known individual, company, or group with an established track record and reputation.
  3. High Value: The NFT must have a significant market value, often fetching $10,000 or more when sold.
  4. Historical Significance: The NFT must have a track record of increasing in value or be significant in terms of culture, history, or the art.
  5. Demand: There must be significant interest in the NFT from traders and collectors who are prepared to buy and hold it.
  6. Liquidity: Blue Chip NFTs must have a thriving market with lots of buyers and sellers in order to maintain liquidity and facilitate trade.
  7. Authenticity: To raise the NFTs value and appeal among collectors, it must have a clear history, with a verifiable origin and authenticity.
  8. Good Reputation: The NFT needs to have a solid market presence, be well-known, and have a track record of profitable sales.
  9. Strong Community: The NFT has to have a passionate and loyal collector and fan base that will sustain its worth and growth over time. They should have a strong presence across Twitter, Discord and other social media platforms.

How to spot a blue-chip NFT in the early stages?

It can be difficult to identify Blue Chip NFTs in their early stages, but there are some signs to look for:

  1. Reputation of the artist/Web3 brand: Seek for NFTs made by well-known artists or Web3 brands who have solid track records and reputation in the art world.
  2. Artwork quality: Seek out NFTs with excellent, beautifully rendered, and skillfully produced artwork that will likely retain its worth and appeal over time.
  3. Originality and uniqueness: Seek out NFTs with original and distinctive styles, imaginative visions, and cutting-edge methods.
  4. Community engagement: Look for NFTs with a dedicated and passionate fan base and collector community, as they will support its value and growth over time. The upcoming project should generate buzz on Twitter and other social media sites.
  5. Verified authenticity: The NFT must have clear line of provenance and be verified in order to increase its value and collector appeal.
  6. Use case: Look for NFTs that have a distinct use case or goal, such as digital artwork, music, or sports collectibles, as this can raise the value and usefulness of the product.

Always keep in mind that investing in NFTs is speculative and comes with no guarantees. Before making any financial decisions, it is crucial to proceed with caution, be aware of the risks, and undertake extensive study.

Free platforms to research NFT projects.

Here are the list of the free platforms where you can research, buy and sell your NFTs

  1. Opensea: OpenSea is a decentralised marketplace for buying, selling, and discovering unique digital goods, such as collectibles, gaming items, art, and more. Opensea supports 8 blockchain NFTs which include Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, BNB Chain, Solana. Most of he volume in OpenSea comes from Ethereum NFTs.
  2. MagicEden: MagicEden is a decentralised marketplace for buying, selling, and discovering unique digital goods, such as collectibles, gaming items, art, and more. MagicEden supports 3 blockchain NFTs which include Ethereum, Polygon and Solana. Most of he volume in MagicEden comes from Solana NFTs.
  3. NFTGo: NFTGo is a NFT research platform where you can discover, analyze, and trade NFTs faster and smarter than anyone else, aided by in-depth analytics and intelligent toolkits.
  4. The most crucial factor to take into account when considering an NFT purchase is rarity. All collectors desire the best NFTs, which sell for millions of dollars and are highly uncommon. Their high price is a result of this. The NFT universe can be tracked and studied with
  • To find the list of all Blue-Chip NFTs check this article.

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