How to get Sui airdrop 2023? Step-by-step guide | Sui vs Aptos. Which one is better?

In this article we will make a detailed comparison between Sui and Aptos. We will also explore possible ways to participate in the upcoming Sui airdrop.

What is Sui blockchain?

Sui is a blockchain that leverages smart contracts built in Move, a Rust-based programming language that was first designed at Meta.

The first notable feature of Sui is that it uses smart contracts written in Move, a programming language initially conceived by Meta to support its Libra cryptocurrency. Move is a Rust-based language (which was later rebranded Diem and ultimately abandoned in January 2022). Move continues to exist and is available on GitHub as a programmable blockchain platform.

Sui claims that the way Move constructs smart contracts will increase security while also supposedly making implementation easier. The design of Move eliminates problems that hackers have used to steal millions of dollars from other platforms, such as reentrancy issues, poison tokens, and fake token approvals.

Sui’s innovative data model, which enables parallel execution and low latency of up to 2 seconds through a collaborative approach to transaction submission, allows it to execute more than 120,000 TPS.

Sui vs Aptos

The smart contract systems Aptos and Sui are incredibly quick (over 100,000 tps) and scalable. Both leverage the Move programming language, which was created for Meta’s Diem project and both were founded by Diem executives. Let’s evaluate them in terms of technology, functionality, available dApps, and other factors.

FoundersEvan Chang, Adeniyi Abiodun, Sam Blackshear,George Danezis(all ex Meta employees)Mo Shaikh and Avery Ching(both ex Meta employees)
Funds raised$350 million$336 million
InvestorsBinance Labs, a16z,Multicoin, FTX Ventures, Jump Crypto, Tiger Capital, Katie Haun, Circle Ventures, Apollo, ParaFi Capital, Oak HC/FT, Franklin Templeton, Superskrypt, Griffin Gaming PartnersCoinbase Ventures, Jump Crypto, a16z, edpoint, Standard Crypto, Slow Ventures, Scribble Ventures, Samsung NEXT, Electric capital, NFX, Lightspeed Venture Partners
Programming languageMove(original)Sui Move
Consensus mechanismBFT, Parallel executionDAG+BFT, parallel execution, no consensus for simple execution
Max TPS(theoretical)160,000120,000
Time to finalityless than 1 secondless than 1 second
Sui vs Aptos

Which one is better?

  • Aptos and Sui are new Layer 1 projects that aim to address the current Layer 1 space’s scalability, safety, and decentralisation issues.
  • Both blockchains use parallel execution techniques to improve transaction speed and latency, in somewhat different ways.
  • Additionally, they use Move, a new programming language that intends to greatly enhance blockchain safety and security.
  • Aptos and Sui were developed by some of the best teams in the Web2 sector, and despite the challenging market conditions in 2021, they have raised significant amounts of money.
  • Sui requires the lowest hardware requirements among top L1’s to run a validator node, which make Sui relatively more decentralized than Aptos.

We should keep in mind that Aptos and Sui are still developing, so any early advantages can disappear after a few months. Which one will succeed the most is still too early to say. Both have significantly improved upon and furthered the initial idea.

How to get Sui airdrop?

Early network users had received APT tokens from the Aptos Foundation. Users were qualified to get Aptos tokens if they submitted an application for an Aptos Incentivized Testnet or minted an APTOS: ZERO testnet NFT.

To be eligible for Sui airdrop, you can complete the following steps.

  • Download Sui Wallet from here
  • Follow Sui on Twitter and Discord .
  • Go to “testnet-faucet” section in the Sui Discord Channel and request for testnet tokens. Type ” !faucet “your Sui address” “. You will get 1 SUI testnet token in your wallet by doing so.
  • Now go here , connect your Sui wallet and get 2 free Capy’s from
  • Now go here and breed your two Capy’s you got in the step above.

Those are the simple preliminary stage for airdrop criteria. To increase your chance of getting airdrop register yourself as a Full Node Validator.

Suggested minimum hardware to run a Sui Full node:

  • CPUs: 10 core
  • RAM: 32 GB
  • Storage (SSD): 1 TB

*** This airdrop is highly specualtive and frequent updates in the network leds to data from wallets getting wiped. Be sure to check your wallet on a regular basis until mainnet launch. If data from wallet gets wiped out , repeat the above steps again

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